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Campaign History

What kind of a company ignites its charity program by selling lipstick with RuPaul, a drag queen as its spokesperson? Then follows that act with (to use the colloquial) a non-lipstick lesbian, kd Lang? M·A·C, the cult Canadian brand created in 1985 has always been fearless and outspoken and when it comes to the VIVA GLAM message, it's always been loud and clear!


The founders of the company, Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, banded together with the M·A·C artists to create the M·A·C AIDS Fund in 1994, in a grass roots effort to make a difference in the world with a community outreach for HIV/AIDS.

It all started with VIVA GLAM lipstick; the bullet in passionate red that was the shot heard around the world - the first lipstick created to directly confront and raise money and awareness for AIDS at a time when the pandemic dramatically affected the fashion makeup communities, and was greatly stigmatized as a gay disease. With 100 percent of the selling point of every VIVA GLAM product going directly to men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, it was an unprecedented move. Since it's inception, the brand raised over $480 million USD through the VIVA GLAM campaign. In the last fiscal year, the brand has raised $32.7 million USD for this cause.

The idea of VIVA GLAM was to celebrate life and the outspoken attitude of the company. It was a connective tissue that encompassed the diversity of M·A·C and its mantra...all ages, all races, all genders. It was, and continues to be, the signature and the heart and soul of the company. VIVA GLAM spokespeople are provocative, alternative and influential and reflect diverse communities. They are heroes we look up to for their personal triumphs; people who have invented themselves and people who created movements.